Thursday, August 28, 2014

Apricot Conserve

I have a vast collection of older books that I wish to share with everyone. Many of them I picked up because I was reminiscing on the days past where a portion of my family lived a few miles outside of a small town, and about two miles (maybe three) as the crow flies up a mountain. Green everywhere.

Now please understand our running water was a creek at the bottom of a hill, there was no such thing as electricity or phones, and absolutely no plumbing. We used oil lamps for light when the sun went down, rare occasions we would use an old gas generator to supply enough juice to watch maybe one or two movies, and heated water came from a 50 gallon drum that we filled and lit a fire under.

All of us kids were in the best shape possible. We spent most of our time outside exploring and playing, not to mention we carried 5 gallon buckets up and down that hill to water livestock (horses, cows, goats, and chickens) and of course the 50 gallon drum. I gotta tell ya that is a lot of damn water. Oh did I forget to mention the water we hauled for our garden that had to feed 6-10 people all year long?

Clothes were done by hand using a scrub board and a metal tub. Let me tell ya I have mucho respect for the women back when. It is no fun doing your laundry this way, at all. Eventually an old washing machine and wringer were purchased to help with the laundry, easier and quicker. I think at this point we finally hit the 1900's as far as appliances went. The clothes were always hung out on the lines to dry. They always smelled of nature, of earth, and of home. Loved that smell.

We did everything by hand and everything was made from scratch. There was a time to plant, a time to harvest, and a time to lay supplies for the winter. This time of my life was probably the hardest physically but is one of the fondest series of memories I hold dearest and closest to my heart. This was a time when I was allowed to heal from much of the adversity life had given me.

The point to this entry is the fact that many of the books I collect here and there, tell or show, how to do things from scratch or by hand. I can't bring myself to believe in the end of the world, maybe as we know it today, but not a finite end. I also have a hard time with the theory of a zombie apocalypse. However, I think mankind is growing in the wrong direction and forgetting what is important in the time we have here during our finite lifetimes.

There is a pleasure still to be found in making something from scratch your family will eat and in watching them enjoy it. The task itself can be healing or measured as simply as a relaxing gesture. The first recipe I will be posting comes from an older book, "Gifts From the Kitchen". Copyright 2002 Publications International, Ltd. The recipes, crafts, text, photographs, and illustrations are Copyright 2002 Internationl Masters Publishers AB.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Mad Decent Block Party 2014

Ran across this and thought the masses just might enjoy it. This started as an annual event to jump start artists in the area and GREW!